YNotMyDream Merger with GowhereHipHop

As many of you have seen by now I will officially be leaving the nest and flying off to bigger and better things. The GowhereHipHop crew has asked me to come in and become one with the team and I have happily accepted. Running my own movement for the past two and a half years has been a sweet ass deal. I’ve not only come to discover and learn so much, I’ve also come to appreciate so much more as well. Hopefully you my homies will continue to ride with me. I love and appreciate every single one of you and you’re all a big part of my life. This site and the whole YNMD name and brand is literally you and none of these power moves would be possible without you, so I thank you greatly from the bottom of my soul. Now please join in and raise your glass with me….To a combination of great minds, may we be able to continue to bless you with and endless amount of quality music and our dedication to the game. Let us all live in this moment and soak in it. This only means great things ahead for you, the city of Chicago, and the universe. #BETDAT!

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Rob Jay Feat. John Dew: Wise Man

Next week, on October 24th, Rob Jay will release Millionaire Before 30, a new EP, produced by Drums & Ammo’s Ammbush, that serves as both a personal goal and a pledge from the up-and-coming Houston rapper. Before then, though, Rob Jay is excited to release the John Dew-featuring “Wise Man,” a brand new single from the eight-track project.

For Rob, the new single serves as a testament of dedication, delivering what he calls “an old school type of message.” He goes on to explain, “The hook is a saying that my cousins dad always says, and at the same time it was like a message to the fans almost like telling them, ‘I’m still that guy’.” Ammbush’s soulful sample provides an ample perfect foundation for Rob Jay and John Dew to trade their insightful lyrics, and they do just that, with the chemistry between the three artists nearly effortless. “This song really was stress free, out of all the songs it was probably the easiest to record.”

Download: Rob Jay Feat. John Dew – Wise Man

Mach Five: Carla (Video)

I’m looking forward to more. Lets see what these young up and comers out of the ATL are really made of.

Artemus Jenkins brings us a new visual from the latest Mach Five project, Best Friends, about a car named car “Carla.” Where they take us on a ride through the streets of Atlanta in a thugged-out version of Speed Racer’s Mach 5, an ’88 Chevy SS Monte Carlo.