Shake Da Mayor: To Whom it May Concern/So Serious (Video)

New YNMD talent time.

“Shake Da Mayor is one of California’s most known unknown artists from California’s Central Valley. Hailing from Fresno, Shake began rapping at age 12, motivated and schooled by hardcore rap and hip hop. Coming from an area right in the middle of Cali, Shake Da Mayor was bred on the message and music of Too Short, Ice Cube, Hieroglyphics and Dr. Dre. After creating his first group by 13 years old with childhood friend, Planet Asia, becoming the opening act for hip hop legends like Hieroglyphics crew, Cypress Hill and E-40, further propelled this MC and his evolving Skhool Yard crew into Cali’s music history.

After substantial tours and notable achievements, the draw of independent opportunities eventually separated the group. Shake embarked on his journey solo, to make his own imprint in hip hop music. By honing his business experience with organizing and managing Skhool Yard, without major label funding and marketing support Shake Da Mayor created significant musical buzz for himself with anthems like Everybody’s Gangsta ( I Am From a Place), later with Stunna Shades featuring E-40, which appeared on TVT’s Hyphy Hits, and the pop sleeper You Turn Me On featuring Jacoria, all of which helped to cement Shake’s relationships with major radio stations in California and 17 other markets in the United States.

True to his history, Shake has never stopped performing and recording. Always the businessman, Shake used the lull in music to create and produce his own online video blog called The Information Station on, featuring established and emerging hip hop artists. Garnering thousands of viewers per week for the vlog, Shake is now poised to release new music to the masses. His new album titled, Stay Focused,Be Great shows his growth and maturity as an artist, by organically representing the area where he is from: Fresno. He remains in the middle of Cali’s musical tastes, always hardcore and always conscious.”

Mic Terror: T Shirt Release Party (Event)

“Come by this Sat July 3rd to Jugrnaut from 6-8pm we will be having a release party for the Mic Terror collabo we are doing.

We will have Matt Boy White on the 1’s and 2’s

See what the t looks like at

come by say hello meet Mic Terror hear some good joints and we are working on refreshments….

So come on by and support your new favorite Rapper and Favorite store by supporting. Thanks and please spread the word to all your Friends.”

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100 Akres: The Cyndi Lauper Beat Tape (Beat Tape)

“Hey …..did you know Cyndi Lauper loves beat tapes? Well, ok…she’s not a beat head but I still decided to take one of her albums (She’s So Unusual LP) and flip each and every song into a neck snappin’, brain twistin’, “smack whoever is next to you when you hear it” beat.”

p.s. the piece of the song that’s sampled for each track is revealed at the end of each beat

p.s.s. I was kidding about smacking the person next to you…..kinda”

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