Abstract Cannon: Motion (Beat Tape)

This all started yesterday, July 29th. I woke up made a beat and thought about how all producers are all out for themselves nowadays. So i decided why not put together a project to bring together talent. To showcase real producers with real struggles and real lifes. That was when #MOTION was born. I put this together in 24 hours’ time. Cover and all. Featuring production from J Bizness, Abjo, Trade Voorhees, Raw Stiles, Bagir-Ba and many others. These 13 tracks are put together to get people moving in Hip-Hop again. Not just dancing, but putting progress in #MOTION. Hope you love this project.

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Cap City Blue: Up Here

Today is probably the worst day to come at me with new music. I’ll admit I’m a straight up crank today. Lucky for the Cap City Blue kids I like their material. What I’m hitting you with right now is the first single to Cap City Blue’s upcoming debut album “Soar Losers“, called “Up Here”. Look for more from the album to come and make sure you read more on who are Cap City Blue right below.

The absolute hardest part of writing your band’s introductory biography is getting the reader on to the second sentence. Well, here you are, right along with DMV natives Cap City Blue, a band that is a breath of fresh air in a hip-hop world ripe with identity crisis. “Band” is nothing if not the keyword: Cap City Blue is a modern fusion of all things hip-hop, rock, electronic, improvisational – you name it – that works on the cardinal rule that music is borne of live instrumentation and real songwriting. Composed of fluid MC MellowMarsh and multi-instrumentalist producer Zack, Cap City Blue’s songs are original stratospheric symphonic concoctions woven together by a tangled web of ink-hearted poetry. Always ready to jam, Cap City Blue is a band that merely wants to offer a new and exciting dimension to the hip-hop game.

Download: Cap City Blue – Up Here

T.Shirt x William Yan: Album Cover Shoot (BTS)

Ran around Dumbo, Brooklyn last week with the homie Will for williamyan.com shooting photos all over the area for the album. What you end up seeing as the finished cover wasn’t what we originally had in mind but Will took such great photos we changed the concept up last minute. That’s mothafuckin’ Dredlife of Hot Mop Films behind the 5D documenting the experience in style. The whole evening was just a pleasure as the talented guys I worked with were also cool as fuck. Can’t ask for more than that. The song playing is a bonus off the album we’re releasing next week so stay tuned for that.

Zane One: Zane One (L.A. Woman)

Even as she drops her debut album, L.A. Woman, Zane One is no stranger to hip-hop. With her latest single, “Zane One (L.A. Woman),” for which she just released a new video, Zane brings us back to the days when dope lyrics matched seamlessly with equally killer rhymes and turntables conquered the hooks. Along with her confident rhymes such as, “Serve them with the daily supplements and keep them hazy,” the song is blessed with some skillfully done vocal scratches of both Lauryn Hill and M.C. Lyte as an ode to female rappers. Produced by Dert, the beat’s distorted guitar riff is lined with hard, crispy drum work to back up the assertive flow, which Zane One delivers with confident ease. Not only does Zane One refer to her extensive hip-hop resume throughout the song, but she also points out what makes her truly unique as an M.C., including her motherhood, as she keeps her rhymes on task with a mission to convince all listeners that she is an L.A. Woman who can spit.

Download: Zane One – Zane One (L.A. Woman)