Gerald Walker: A Gerald Walker Christmas (FreEP) x YNMD Interview

This is something I have been looking forward to posting for some time now. After getting an early listen I must say I was left more than satisfied. “A Gerald Walker Christmas” was the cap to my holiday season, like that one gift you wait to open last because you know it’s the best one you’re getting. Gerald Walker promised us a dope Christmas gift and delivered. From the start to the end I guarantee you wont be disappointed. So hit the jump, grab the EP, and make sure you check out my interview with Gerald where he talks about the EP and what he has coming up for us in the near future.

Download: Gerald Walker – A Gerald Walker Christmas (FreEP) | Mediafire

YNMD: Right to it…what’s the meaning behind the EP? and what made you want to put it together?

Gerald Walker: The meaning behind, A Gerald Walker Christmas, is finding appreciation for that which you have during Christmas. Secondly, I feel Christmas for most can be really either enjoyable or very taxing. There’s usually no in between. That’s because of the over-commercialization of Christmas.

But tertiary, and to address the latter of your question, I had the music for a over year and didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. I demoed tracks while recording, I Remember When This All Meant Something. I just knew that I wanted to knock it out and didn’t want another year to pass before doing so. Lastly, I just wanted to inspire my fans to celebrate the true meaning of the season; God’s gift to us.

YNMD: What’s you personal favorite track? and why?

Gerald Walker: I like “Keep Me Going.” I wrote it as a gift to a very special friend so it’s also personal But I mainly like the song-writing aspect of it. I managed to make a Christmas song that could very well be listened to all year long. Or so I think (laughs)

YNMD: Can we see a possible video for any of the tracks on the EP?

Gerald Walker: Probably not. However, I’m dropping the video to my single, Silent, within’ the next month. I’m gonna do a follow up next year aptly titled “Its Christmas Time Again, Gerald Walker.” And hopefully I’ll have it out a week after holloween. I’ll definitely do video’s for that record.

YNMD: After today’s drop what’s next?

Gerald Walker: More music. I’m working on my next project which has to be submitted by March titled, The Other Half of Letting Go. Other than that working and writing for Slot-A’s new EP and wherever God guides me to next honestly.

YNMD: Real quick…Why should music listeners download the EP? and what do you believe is the true meaning of Christmas?

Gerald Walker: People should download it because it’s an entertaining piece of encouragement during such an emotionally vulnerable time for people. It really speaks directly to the listener and hopefully whatever funk they’re in – through the project – they can see the brighter side.

YNMD: Any Holiday shout outs?

Gerald Walker: Special thanks to my mother who definitely got the short end of the stick during this process. Shout out to all my fans and listeners and everyone who helped me create a dream into reality. I HAVE A CHRISTMAS CD YO!!!! (Laughs)

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