Kid Cudi Previews Two New Songs Off Wizard (Video)

Apparently CuDi went live on Ustream recently and this was the outcome. Here we see the Moon Man himself preview two fresh new songs off his upcoming rock album entitled “Wizard.” The first one being titled “Perfect is the Word” and the second one is “Rocket.” Make sure you keep your eyes and ears open, possible leaks could spring up soon.

Kid These Days Release Party X Crowd Noize (Video)

e teamed up with the good folks over at Crowd Noize to capture release party for Kids These Days. When we were filming for the night we aimed to capture the view from the crowds eyes. Crowd Noize loves the idea of seeing the world from a fans perspective and we were thrilled they asked us to capture it.

Going inside the the crowd proved to be the best part of filming for the night. The golden shot was capturing a young lady filming with the band with her phone. Seeing this took us back to the good times when all we had was an idea and a point and shoot camera. – AyKid Shots

Mantis One: Under The Bay Ep.55 Pt.1 (Video)

Graffiti bomber, skateboarder and emcee, Mantis One represents the gritty side of San Francisco hip-hop. Raised in the Tenderloin, one of the the seediest sections in the city of fog, Mantis has been immersed in the culture since birth and has grown up with a hustlers mentality. An honest writer and a vicious freestyler, Mantis is also cursed with a rare disease that is slowly causing him to lose his vision, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to perfect his sound. Em Dub had a chance to meet up with Mantis One over at his new studio in the Mission District, and they talked about how he got into hip-hop, the origin of his name, how where he lived affected his style, his latest album Don’t Come Knockin Volume 1 and more. He also busted a dope verse and an ill off-the-top freestyle. – TOTR