Pajozo: Pajozo Instrumentals Vol. 1 (Instrumental Tape)

Over the past few weeks, the homie Pajozo has spent his time working, organizing, and finalizing this instrumental project entitled “Pajozo Instrumentals Vol. 1,” strictly for your enjoyment. Being able to work with P in this kind of way is unreal. Pajozo is and has been a favorite amongst music producers for me for some time now. Known for his consistent work with K. Sparks, Pajozo is a one of a kind producer who’s sound never slacks. Beats such as “Take Em’ High,” simply reflect upon the great talent and crisp sound that is Pajozo. Hopefully you’ve been a fan of true Hip-Hop and have been able to keep up with the heaters Pajozo has thrown out over the years. If not, than now is the time to start. Lucky for you it’s never too late…that my friends is the beauty of quality music, it’s timeless. So sit back, relax, strap your headphones on and prepare to enjoy the harmonic instrumentals of Pajozo. Now go on and click more, right after you enjoy and appreciate the free sample I blessed you with below (Amongst my top favored Pajozo beats).

Download: Pajozo – Pajozo Instrumentals Vol. 1 (Instrumental Tape)

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