David Dallas: Take A Picture (Video)

Here’s the rundown…enjoy! Shouts to DuckDown.

David Dallas is back in NYC after a successful trip home to Auckland, NZ, where he did a series of sold out shows in New Zealand and Australia.

Today, mtvU premiered his latest video for “Take A Picture.” The video was conceived by Special Problems (production company behind Alicia Key’s HP commercial) and sees 7 different directors/animators interpreting 7 parts of the song. Each person was given a segment of the song and access to David Dallas. A few rules were put in place. Each scene was to be shot on a different format: 16mm film, VHS, Stop Motion, 3d Animation, and during the creation of the video, the directors were not allowed to know what each other were doing. The result is a series of beautiful, very different images pieced together to make the video.

David Dallas is currently working on his ‘Rose Tint’ Deluxe album that will be available on November 8th through Dawn Raid Ent / Dirty Management / Duck Down Music. The project, both digital & CD formats, will feature 4 bonus tracks from the original ‘Rose Tint’ album. The CD packaging will also include a bonus disc with the album instrumentals.

Yarshall ARTZ: Artz&Drafts (FreEP)

I gave this one the run through and wasn’t disappointed…I wasn’t WOWed, but I wasn’t disappointed. Overall this one is solid and I look forward to hearing more from Yarshall ARTZ in the near future. Now lets see how you guys feel about this one. Click play below to stream the entire EP and make sure you hit the jump for the official tracklist and full length download.

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Gerald Walker: Please, Shut The F**k Up!

Good sh*t fam…I see you out here grinding heavy. Keep it going, the world is about to be in your palms. Wish you nothing but good luck on this on going journey.

As the anticipation level for Gerald’s latest project, “The Other Half of Letting Go,” continues to grow, Walker makes sure to keep his fans well fed. With his latest single “Please, Shut the F*** Up” dropping today, he gets a lot off of his chest and let’s everyone everywhere know just how he’s really feeling. The song states that he’s going to continue to do him and be true to who he is. He advises that everyone else should do the same.

Download: Gerald Walker – Please, Shut The F**k Up!

The Black Sunn & 810: United Division (Album)

Today the young Baltimore hip-hop duo, The Black Sunn & 810, unleash their highly anticipated collaborative debut, United Division.

United Division comes after over a year of hard work in the studio and on the road; the 2 mcs played shows up and down the east coast and midwest, from back bars to the legendary SOB’s, spreading the word about their project, and about their hometown of Baltimore. The 19 track project features viral hits such as “DMV”, featured in the Baltimore City Paper, and “Props” and “I Don’t Care”, both featured on OkayPlayer.com, as well as never-heard-before hard hitting tracks.

“We are trying to show the world Baltimore, not just what you saw on The Wire,” says The Black Sunn, who proudly represents Baltimore in his music, speaking on the tough aspects of growing up in a financially depressed, often overlooked community, without relying on the drug-addled tales shown on TV. “We show the other side, but everything we do, we bring it back to Baltimore.”

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Daily Bread (Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown): Elephants (Oddisee Remix)

Daily Bread (Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown) continues to release new music as they campaign for their self-titled album Daily Bread. Today they’ve reached out to label mate and producer Oddisee (whose album Rock Creek Park officially comes out everywhere Sept 6th on CD) remix the standout track Elephants.

The Oddisee remix of Elephants is being made available on a special edition bonus 45 record that FatBeats will release on 9/13 with the 2xLP vinyl edition of the new popular album Daily Bread.

The remix brings Oddisee’s distinct drum patterns and Hassaan Mackey’s gruff flow at it’s best: “some down to earth shit the world aint ready for…verbs from the soul adding light to the mic.”

Download: Daily Bread (Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown) – Elephants (Oddisee Remix)

Young Scolla: Young Scolla Meets SMKA: Seconds Away (Album)

I’ll happily accept anything new from Young Scolla, a special talent who’s music is crisp and who’s grind is heavily on point. To me the man never really had to prove himself, it was simply a natural yes after that very first click. Hopefully those of you who have yet to mess with Scolla feel the same way after giving “Seconds Away” the good ol’ spin treatment. Now As a fan…I would personally like to see some kill visuals for “Round & Round.” Not anticipating…but who knows maybe some day in the future Scolla will go back and do that for us (drifts off in thought…zoned). Well anyway, enjoy this fresh new project from Young Scolla and SMKA entitled “Young Scolla Meets SMKA: Seconds Away.” #GoodSh*t!

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