A.Dd+: Can’t Come Down

With their debut album, When Pigs Fly, still drawing accolades, Dallas duo A.Dd+ continues to stay busy – and that busyness continues to provide an onslaught of quality music for all. No different here, even as Paris Pershun sits this one out, with Slim Gravy going at it alone with the brand new, non-album cut “Can’t Come Down.”

The song, based on a true story (“Shout out to Aegis Communications,” says Slim), tells the tale of young man battling his need for employment with his love for weed. “Let me be straight up: I need a job, homie/ A nine-to-five, homie/ I ain’t even got five on it,” begins Slim, deciding to indulge in a little “Captain Kush for breakfast” before heading out on his way.

The washed out, hazy beat plays off Slim’s behind-the-beat drawl perfectly, and, to hear Slim tell it, the pairing of beat and concept was a match right from jump. “My homie Brain Gang X’Zavier produced the track,” explains the A.Dd+ rapper. “He needed a good weed-smoking story to go along with the beat, so I immediately thought of my last job experience.”

Having finally earned gainful employment, the song’s second verse places Slim in training, fighting boredom, and “wondering when the first break is/ ‘Cause I swear that I’m blazing.” With a blunt pre-rolled and ready to spark, Slim realizes, albeit too late, that he’s been caught on the company’s security cameras. “Don’t smoke weed before or during work,” quips Slim Gravy. “‘Cause you might get fired.”

Download: A.Dd+ – Can’t Come Down

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