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A.Dd+: Insomniac Dreaming (Prod. Black Milk)

October 4, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s safe to say A.Dd+ is on a roll. Even if you put aside their debut, When Pigs Fly (a project, we might add, hailed as “The best rap album that Dallas has ever seen, front to back.”), the string of music from the duo of Slim Gravy and Paris Pershun over the past months, largely freebies given away as a gesture to loyal fans, has been remarkable. And that string of music continues with this latest loosie, “Insomniac Dreaming,” a song produced by Black Milk. “We went to Detroit to work with Black Milk on a few joints for our next project,” remarks A.Dd+, while hinting at their forthcoming EP. “We wound up recording four songs in less than three days; one will be the EP intro, and the rest are joints, like this one, that we’ll release along the way.”

Playing off the track’s title, “Insomniac Dreaming” pulls inspiration from the internal conversation borne of too-late nights, endlessly pushing towards greatness. “This song is us dreaming in reality,” say Slim and Paris, “the things we think but can’t always express in regular conversation.” And, often, those thoughts are more civilian than superhero, with lines like, “I don’t want to be famous; I just want to be well off.” And speaking of directing the track, Black Milk does so masterfully, a mix of crackling guitar plucks and piano keys layered over Black’s always-sturdy low end that provides a hauntingly reflective melody for A.Dd+’s tales.

Download: A.Dd+ – Insomniac Dreaming” (Prod. Black Milk)


A.Dd+: Can’t Come Down

September 13, 2011 Leave a comment

With their debut album, When Pigs Fly, still drawing accolades, Dallas duo A.Dd+ continues to stay busy – and that busyness continues to provide an onslaught of quality music for all. No different here, even as Paris Pershun sits this one out, with Slim Gravy going at it alone with the brand new, non-album cut “Can’t Come Down.”

The song, based on a true story (“Shout out to Aegis Communications,” says Slim), tells the tale of young man battling his need for employment with his love for weed. “Let me be straight up: I need a job, homie/ A nine-to-five, homie/ I ain’t even got five on it,” begins Slim, deciding to indulge in a little “Captain Kush for breakfast” before heading out on his way.

The washed out, hazy beat plays off Slim’s behind-the-beat drawl perfectly, and, to hear Slim tell it, the pairing of beat and concept was a match right from jump. “My homie Brain Gang X’Zavier produced the track,” explains the A.Dd+ rapper. “He needed a good weed-smoking story to go along with the beat, so I immediately thought of my last job experience.”

Having finally earned gainful employment, the song’s second verse places Slim in training, fighting boredom, and “wondering when the first break is/ ‘Cause I swear that I’m blazing.” With a blunt pre-rolled and ready to spark, Slim realizes, albeit too late, that he’s been caught on the company’s security cameras. “Don’t smoke weed before or during work,” quips Slim Gravy. “‘Cause you might get fired.”

Download: A.Dd+ – Can’t Come Down


A.Dd+: When Pigs Fly (Album)

March 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Following a string of single and video releases, Dallas, Texas duo A.Dd+ (pronounced A.D.D., with the plus sign silent), a group comprised of rappers Slim Gravy and Paris Pershun, is excited to finally release their debut album, When Pigs Fly. Beginning today, the album, which the Dallas Observer recently hailed as “Nothing short of a classic,” is being offered to fans for free download, available through the group’s Bandcamp page.

For When Pigs Fly, Slim and Paris partnered with producer Picnic Tyme, also of Erykah Badu’s Cannabinoids crew, to create a 15-track effort that seamlessly flows, even as it offers listeners a mix of slang anthems, flirtatious tales, and more serious issues (financial struggle, incarceration). And it does so with a creative edge that has made the A.Dd+ one of the most progressive groups to come from the Dallas hip-hop scene in some time, defying both the sounds fans are used to hearing and the restrictions that artists are used to creating within. “When Pigs Fly represents the impossible,” explains Slim. “We’re doing what people are scared to do in this Dallas music scene. We’re making the impossible possible.”

And despite When Pigs Fly being the group’s first official full-length, there is a cohesiveness and completeness to the album that allows A.Dd+’s words, of making the impossible possible, to ring with sincerity and honesty. While the addition of Picnic Tyme’s production continues to help A.Dd+ develop and define their sound, there is also a natural growth present throughout When Pigs Fly. “We seriously feel like there was a great leap between this project and our first project, Power Of The Tongue,” explains Paris and Slim. “We pride ourselves in putting out the best music we can, and dealing with more and more everyday life situations only pushes us toward natural growth.”

For fans interested in supporting the group, A.Dd+ is offering the album for sale through iTunes and has also put together a limited-edition offering of physical copies, conceptualized, designed, and hand-assembled by the A.Dd+ team. Only 200 copies were made, and each contains the CD, an 8 x 8 full color poster, and a card that indicates what number your copy is out of the 200 made. The CDs cost $12 and can be purchased through A.Dd+’s Bandcamp page.

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A.Dd+ Feat. Picnic Tyme: Mary Go

March 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Fresh off a successful SXSW, and with their debut album release, When Pigs Fly, to be released for free next Monday, March 28th, Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy a.k.a. A.Dd+ are revealing one more sneak peak of the LP with the track “Mary Go.” This new song sees the group’s unofficial third member and album producer Picnic Tyme, also of Erykah Badu’s Cannabinoids crew, step out from behind the boards and up to the mic for the only time on When Pigs Fly, creating a tasty hook and subsequently big, blowout sound.

“Mary Go” starts off with the rattling, rapid-fire drum-line snares, complemented by booming bass-heavy kicks and echoed vocals bouncing atop the layered percussion. But the song really comes into full form when the chorus hits, with a strong back beat now accompanied by powerful, dance-inducing synths and Picnic’s boisterous chorus. The message here, as the duo explains, is pure debauchery, “fun times, drunk nights, promiscuity and partying,” and Picnic’s chorus drives that point home finely as he sings, “Got your hands up, panties dropped, scrub the ground, there ya go/ Past drunk, ’bout to clown, head spinning, Mary go,” before breaking out into a frenzied call-and-response refrain with Paris and Slim.

Download: A.Dd+ Feat. Picnic Tyme – Mary Go


A.Dd+ Feat. Sore Losers: Likeamug (Video)

February 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Just last week, Dallas, Texas rap duo A.Dd+ released the lead single from their upcoming album, When Pigs Fly, which is produced entirely by Picnic Tyme of Erykah Badu’s Cannabinoids and will be released on March 28th. Further pushing the hard-hitting, synth booming single, “Likeamug,” the group has just finished filming, and is now releasing a music video to accompany the track. Dallas representatives to the core, not only did the duo choose to premiere the video with the cities local weekly, the Dallas Observer, but the video features some hometown landmarks. “We wanted to make sure we represented Dallas the proper way,” explains A.Dd+ on selecting locations, which include a neighborhood school auditorium and local record store. “So far the city has been very good to us, and we wanted to be good right back.”

This light-hearted video, directed by Picnic Tyme, features rappers Slim Gravy, Paris Pershun, and Brown, of Sore Losers wreaking havoc in a record store – the Dallas staple Good Records, in this case – and swiping some vinyl, all the while recalling one of the scenes from the movie Juice. Unfortunately for the trio, this version ends with Paris, Slim, and Brown being picked up by Dallas’ Finest – and no, we don’t mean Cowboys’ cheerleaders, although we can all be certain that Slim, Paris, and Brown wished Dallas PD looked more like the officer that cuffs them in this video


A.Dd+ Feat. Sore Losers: Likeamug

February 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Dallas, Texas duo A.Dd+ (pronounced A.D.D., with the plus sign silent) is finally gearing up to release their long-awaited new project, When Pigs Fly, an album that will be released for free on March 28. The group, comprised of rappers Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy, worked diligently for the past year with producer Picnic Tyme, a member of Erykah Badu’s Cannabinoids who has also produced for Devin the Dude and Johnny Polygon. When Pigs Fly flows through a mix of slang anthems, flirtatious tales, and more serious issues (financial struggle, incarceration) with a creative edge, both musically and lyrically, that has made the duo one of the most progressive groups to come from the scene in some time. “When Pigs Fly represents the impossible,” explains Slim. “We’re doing what people are scared to do in this Dallas music scene. We’re making the impossible possible.”

For “Likeamug,” the lead single from When Pigs Fly, A.Dd+ brought along friend and fellow Dallas native Brown, of Sore Losers. “The song originated from a phrase we used when we were younger,” says Paris. “Of course, it’s a euphemism for ‘like a muthaf*cka.’ Brown of Sore Losers brought the phrase back on Twitter, and right at that same time we received a beat from Picnic titled ‘Mugg,’ so we ran with it.” With a half-sung chorus courtesy of Paris and a beat comprised of thick synth bass lines and pounding drums, “Likeamug” immediately pulls fans into the group’s unique, infectious sound, with Paris exclaiming that, “You ain’t never seen nothing like this,” before reassuring listeners: “Everything is A-OK when you’re rocking with us.”

In the coming weeks, fans can also look forward to a video for “Likeamug.”

Download: downloadaudio.php?AUDIOID=31356

Download: A.Dd+ Feat. Sore Losers – Likeamug


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