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After several leaks I’m proud to finally present to you all Duality’s “VFS (View From The Stoop).” The Tape features Double up Artist and label mate K.Sparks, Rhymesayers artist, Grieves and Budo, and was mixed by DJ Automatic of Shadyville DJ’s. It also features Production from Budo, Big Drew, and JD of Duality. This is one of four Street albums that Duality will put out this year not only to expose people to the music of Duality but to raise awareness about the Program I.C.C.O. (Inner Child Community Outreach, a Non Profit Organization Duality is a member of), are running in Communities with youth to inspire them through music & the arts to reach their goals. The main project of this organization at this time is to raise money for an after school Arts Program to be run in NY in an under served community. So Duality is giving away these Mixtapes in the hope that People will Donate to the Cause. Hit the link, download, and donate.

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Earlier this year the Fear of Falling EP was presented, released, and served as an introduction to the southern lyricist known as Nick Pratt. His overt lyricism and candor has helped him build a substantial buzz, placements on heavily promoted shows, and online press. In efforts to build off of his success, Nick Pratt returns with a solid second EP, “The New Cool.” Nick focuses on showing his growth as an individual and artist while maintaining his illustrious bravado.

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In my opinion, Trinity is one of the best female MC’s out there. She sh*ts on a lot of these male MC’s in the game.

Chicago female Mc Trinity releases her mixtape The Valley presented by Gowherehiphop.com, YNotmydream.net and Illcityblog.com. After releasing several leaks including the lead track Hope, the entire mixtape is available for listen and download as of 1-14-2011. The mixtape is titled The Valley in representation of Trinitys’career as a hip hop artist. The Valley is a term used to describe a low point but in actuality represents a place of personal growth. Feature appearances on The Valley include spoken word artist Jasminum Mcmullen, hip hop artist Neak, soul singer Nida Nasheeda and production by Cylent Sounds merged with some known industry beats. Such as a cover of Lupe Fiascos ’Beaming’ beat entitled Snowball Effect. Also, the engineering credit for the mixtape goes to Mulatto Patriot. Enjoy & expect more music from Trinity in 2011!

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Here is the follow up to 89er’s mid 2010 release Chocolate Pudding. “Trill Mf’n Cosby” has production from KReam Team, Johnson&Jonson, $1 Bin, etc with appearances frm Wordspit, Michael Cardigan of St Joe Louis, Japanese Synchro System, Mark II and more.

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The EP is part 1 of a project sponsored by Illcityblog.com, AshleyOutrageous.com, WhatsInMyHeadphones.com and yours truly. Part 2 which is the full 17 track mixtape, will be released in early 2011. Expect a lot more videos and new original music to come soon starting with the new year leading up to and following the release of “The Billionaire Block Boy Vol. 2: The Blackout” mixtape. This is the second project this year from the 19 year old upcoming Gary, Indiana emcee and producer, his 1st solo project being “The Billionaire Block Boy” Mixtape which dropped in Late January. The whole project is produced by G-Scott himself with the exception of “They Don’t Understand Me” (Prod. By Mic Smitty) and the bonus tracks. For now grab this project while you can and make sure to keep up with G-Scott by visiting TheBillionaireBlockClub.com.

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The Trilogy is finally complete. I along with My homie Vick (REUPspot) & my girl Ashley (AshleyOutrageous) have come together to present K. Sparks’ third and final chapter in his Trilogy mixtape series. Hopefully you guys have been keeping up and got all three. If you slacked no worries, just head over to DJBooth.net and download all three. Now go enjoy the gift that is Hip-Hop.

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After some waiting time I present you guys with SkyBlew in…”Write Blew On The Clouds 2: ColorfulDreams,” hosted by Hailmegatron.net, Reupspot.com & yours trully. The concept of this LP is basically 2 things: if you have a dream, go for it, no matter what people may say against it and two, If you sleep then it’s time to wake you up by giving you some colorful dreams. The anticipation has been built up for this project with the few leaks I posted up but now anticipate no more. Hit the links below to stream and download the project. Now enjoy what is the sounds of SkyBlew with features from XO, Jones Andrews, DV (Donnie Vash Of The Lazaretto Crew) JuBee, Drique London, Lazurus & Eddy B.

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After some waiting time, Ryshon has finally decided to give me the green light on this much anticipated project titled “She’s Leaving For College.” Believe me, you definitely shouldn’t sleep. The mixtape takes place inside the mind of a guy during sex wit his girlfriend.She’s leaving for college soon and he’s unsure if he can handle the distance.During sex his mind roams and he becomes traped in his own imagination.He begins to paint pictures of infedelity off the emotion of his girl bein away.The human mind can be a deadly weapon,but in the end he leaves his imagination but the question is for how long?

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It was just a month ago that Purpose, the eminently dope producer and founder of the notorious Tragic Allies crew, continued his rise from crime-infested streets of Lynn, Massachusetts to the top of the hip-hop food chain with the release of his aptly-titled “Better Than Your Album”. Never satisfied, Purpose is now back once again with “Better Than Your Album: Untagged & Reloaded”, a tag-free version of the originally Statik Selektah hosted project that also contains four new bonus tracks. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…

“Untagged & Reloaded” is presented by KevinNotthingham.com, RocktheDub, YNotMyDream and RefinedHype. In addition to production from Purpose himself, the project features beats from the likes of Archimedes, Crucial the Giollotine, KOS, White Lotus and many more, as well as brings on Estee Nack and Code Nine (of Tragic Allies), Singapore Kane, Ghetto Lion, Killah Priest and Canibus. What’s that? You spent even more money on your album? That sucks for you, Purpose’s album is still better…and reloaded.

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Ohio buzzmaker Kandid McFly has joined forces with DJBooth.net and YNotMyDream.net to drop his latest street album, The Opening Act. Hosted by Mr. Peter Parker, the brand new mixtape features 14 fresh tracks from the up-and-comer, including Booth-premiered, reader-acclaimed leaks “Stage Fright,” “Strung Out” and “Leave My Side.” DJ Corbett makes the sole guest appearance on the project, which is engineered and produced entirely by Minneapolis-based duo 8 Attack.

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IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! The new mixtape “The Movement Vol. 2” from JENESIS Magazine in conjunction with Rocksmith, YNotMyDream, The Hip Hop Update and The 9 Elements. Mixtape is mixed and hosted by DJ Bonics. Features include Mario Dones & AV, Boaz, Mac Miller, Dom Kennedy, Aleon Craft, TiRon, Neako, King Mez and more.

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“After months long build up and the release of 3 singles (EMS Is Ready, Beantown 25, & Right Now) Revalation & Strick 9 of EMS bring you their latest offering “Commercial Poison” which features them doing what they do best over some of 2010′s best instrumentals and also with a few original productions sprinkled in from producers Kore & Tha Silent Partner. The mixtape also features appearances by M-Dot, Mayhem, Kore, Desco, Se7en Soladin, Kayda Luz, B2DaDot & Quinton Furious. Hosted by California’s own DJ Red Rocks and presented by Streetlogik.com, YNotMyDream.net, & NewEnglandHipHop.com”

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After a few months and a few leaks Ryan and I have finally decided to release to everyone his “War Journalz” EP. Believe me when I say this eight track EP will leave you hungry for more. I myself am left hungry for more after every single time I hear new material from Ryan. This by far is one of my favorite YNMD sponsored mixtapes and once you hit download and play you will understand why.

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“I will only continue with my onslaught of great YNMD sponsored mixtapes. This time I bring you a brand new project from my FSM fam. The FSM label consists of talented up and comers such as Jones Andrews, Young Rush, The Mecca Of Rhymes, and Hendrix Law. You guys already know all about JA so now I suggest you get firmly acquainted with the other three cats mentioned because they will be making mad noise, I guarantee it. Anyways, YNMD and the FSM fam have been connected for some time now so they felt it was only right to link up with yours truly along with HailMegatron to bring you guys what is “First In Flight, Last to Land.” As you already know I only bring you the best so expect nothing but greatness once you hit download.

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“After receiving great feedback from the first three leaks, my third official project, Mike Murder drops today, which is the one year anniversary of my debut album, Sunday Drive with Phys Edison. Mike Murder features 10 tracks, all rhymes, no hooks. I wanted to release some material that focused strictly on the rhymes, patterns and punchlines. My first two projects, Sunday Drive and Love Potion were much more laid back and concept heavy so, I wanted to give people a taste of another side of my writing and my music. I got some great sponsors to jump on board for the project who have been supportive since the beginning. DJBooth.net, Ballerstatus.com, YNotMyDream.net, RefinedHype.com and PMG Media all lended their brands to help release and promote the project. The photos for the artwork were taken by Dakota Blue Harper and The artwork was done by Heath O’Campo, both who worked together on Sunday Drive. Please listen, download, comment and share. I appreciate all the support and am looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback.”

FSM – YNMD Freestyle

Ro Spit – YNMD Fresstyle

S-preme – YNMD Freestyle

Donnis – YNMD Freestyle

Add-2 – YNMD Freestyle

Ski Beatz – YNotMyDream x Royaltee Radio Interview (Audio)

Real T@lk – YNMD Interview (Video)

AlBe Back – YNMD Interview

The time has come for yet another dope exclusive YNMD interview. This time around NYC’s very own AlBe Back takes some time out of his busy schedule to catch up with me and answer some questions on acting, future plans, and the music of course. Make sure you hit the jump and read the entire interview. Shouts to my homie @ AllPurposis for making the this interview possible.

YNMD: I know you were born and raised in NY. Do you feel like it could once again be that Mecca of Hip Hop as it once was? and do you feel you can be one of the artists who help bring the spotlight back?

AlBe Back: Beyond just New York I was born and raised in the South Bronx. arguable the birth place of early zulu nation started in the Bronx River pJays!!! But as far as it once again becoming the mecca. Mecca never moves. We know our history thats good enough for me. i want to put a stamp on the Bronx lifestyle tho. I want the world to see what a kid from the Bronx New York walks and talks like. So many creative people came from the Bronx and I would love to put who we are as a people on the map. Outside of drugs and crime there is amazing stories going on.

YNMD: How did the creative control x Dame Dash connection come about?

AlBe Back: Well I knew Coodie and CHIKE since late 2002 around the time Kanye was making his first album. They was shooting TWO WORDS fet Mos Def and Freeway. I helped on the production and we build a great friendship from there. While i was out in Los angeles we shot a video for my song “Jungle” and released it on the site. It got some great reviews and when I came back to the city we all hung out at the dojo. Then I brought them the ” The One Minute Show”.

YNMD: Acting or music? if you had to pursue just one.

AlBe Back: Well cant do one with out the other. Right? Movies need music. And Music needs a certain level of channeling something else other then you in order for the world to digest what your talking about. HOWEVER if we was gonna play that game. Id pick Music. Its what I am. Nothing beats the feeling I get when I jump out the booth and hear my own song played back. Man…. Its the closes thing to heaven since birth.

YNMD: Doing ATL with T.I. and performing in the same show as T.I. are two pretty serious accomplishments. Can we see possible music with T.I. in the near future?

AlBe Back: I wouldn’t doubt it. :)

YNMD: It’s without difficulty to say you are a very talented person. You do acting, producing, songwriting, poetry & spitting. What’s next? and what else do you do that the people don’t know about?

AlBe Back: Well I am also a director. I’ve created this multimedia company called “Jusbe” and we shoot everything from film, music, shorts, minute shows. You name it and we create it. I pour so much art and passion into my work I thought why not show the world what ALBE can B. so I created “Jusbe”. Its also for the young people where I am from who are super talented but don’t know how to go about getting an audition or a part in a movie. We help them create there own careers with being apart of ours. If you are it, You cant fail at it. Jusbe. Check this out

YNMD: What was your initial reaction when you found out you earned a Grammy for your production work on Kanye’s “Graduation” album?

AlBe Back: Really Happy for Kanye. I think it was people in the states first time seeing him without his mom. And the song i did with him is super emotional about losing someone but never saying Goodbye instead saying Goodnight. That night wasn’t a big party night it just felt like i was apart of a moment in time. as the next one will feel I am sure.

YNMD: Can we see you working with Kanye again in the near future?

AlBe Back: I don’t know. He is very picky with his music. Goes based off what God is giving him. Maybe I was only there to help him “Graduate”. Either way. Good luck to him.

YNMD: What do you have in the works right now that you can let people know about?

AlBe Back: Well the one minute show is amazing!!! I just did a short called “B. or not to B.” and I am shooting a movie called “Moriceo” in september. My album is called APARTMENT 3B and Im mad excited about the world hearing my story. The Bronx wasn’t always bad. How i handled it on the other hand. Well that is a story you will have to unfold to find out.

YNMD: Any big name collabs the fans can get excited for?

AlBe Back: I did a record with Macy Grey , DMC (that was pretty fresh) Dead Prez, Curren$y , Bunch of others. I pride myself in my music. SO my album might “Jusbe” ME . i mean who else is gonna tell my story better?

YNMD: Can YNMD expect to see you in Chicago any time soon?

AlBe Back: I would love to. I heard The song I did with Fab “Mira Mira” off my LOVE YOU MORE MIXTAPE had a pretty big impact out there. Puerto Ricans from all over the chi was like they loved that song. So you never know. Look out for me tho.

YNMD: Give us you some of your plans over the next year. Where can we expect to see you?

AlBe Back: In the art section of hip hop lol everybody is everywhere else.

YNMD: If you have any shouts go ahead and drop em.

AlBe Back: Shouts to the boy ALL PURPOSE for setting up the interview and shouts to YNMD for having me. ALBe BACK

Trademark – YNMD Interview

You guys have seen the tweets and the status updates, now it’s time for me to give you my full interview with Trademark. Props to my fam @ AllPurposis for the interview opportunity and props to the people @ DD172 for making things possible.

Before we get started I want to thank Trademark for taking the time out of his busy schedule and agreeing to do this interview.

YNMD: Now, I’m sure many can agree that your name is Unique. Where and how did you come to the conclusion that you were going to go by Trademark Da Skydiver?

Trademark: well my cousin(flashy) came up with the name Trademark in like 98-99..he said he gave me that name because my style was so different from everybody else. The Skydiver part came when i hook up with spitta..it was added to fit the theme of what we were doing!

YNMD: At what age did you decide music was what you wanted to pursue in life and how did you come to that realization?

Trademark: 15…i heard Method Mans Judgement Day cd.. at the time that was the hardest shit out! it made me want to rap..the rest is history!

YNMD: What artist or artists have you look up to as an inspiration for your work?

Trademark: Method Man, Nas, AZ, Wu-Tang, way 2 many 2 list!

YNMD: How does it feel to be a part of the JETS organization? and how did that all come about?

Trademark: feels great! i have been knowing Currensy since 94-95 we lost touch through the years..but we would always run into each other because we were part of the same circle and stayed in the same area in new orleans(new orleans east)! so i went 2 the studio one day jump on a track with Currensy and its been JETS ever since.

YNMD: What’s the atmosphere like when the Jets and the DD172 crew are around?

Trademark: super positive…super creative!

YNMD: After seeing Spitta do so well in this industry, do you feel pressured to succeed and get to that same level of noterity?

Trademark: not at all lol…we are a team! his success is the JETS success and vice versa!

YNMD: What did you wish to accomplish with your most recent project, “Issue #2.” Did you do so?

Trademark: waking people up 2 Trademark da Skydiver!! yes

YNMD: When can we expect to see “Issue #3″ drop?

Trademark: next month

YNMD: Any exciting features on “Issue #3″ you can let us know about?

Trademark: not yet

YNMD: Can we expect to see you featured on any big projects anytime soon?

Trademark: who know’s man..

YNMD: What can people expect from Trademark over the next year?

Trademark: more tapes..more songs..more video’s

YNMD: Where would you like to see yourself in the next year?

Trademark: on top with my fam the JETS

YNMD: Any big events coming up?

Trademark: yeah..im more than sure!

YNMD: What 5 artists and 5 producers would you like to work with in the future?

Trademark: im not sure man…so many good artists and producers! well not anyone in particular just an artist who can keep up with me…and a producer with some tracks that i feel!

YNMD: What advise can you give those younger artists trying to get their music heard?

Trademark: keep grinding and use the internet its free promo!

YNMD: Being from Chicago I must know, can Chicagoan’s expect to see you in the city in the near future?

Trademark: sooner than later!

YNMD: Before we wrap things up, any shout outs?

Trademark: shot out 2 everybody who fucks with the JETS…#thatisall

Alright, thanks again for taking time out to do this interview with me. Look forward to great things from you in the future.

Stalley – YNMD Interview

I’m bring this back for everyone that didnt get to see it.

If you are my friend or follower than you man have caught me going on about this on twitter and facebook since yesterday. I now have the full Stalley interview here for all the readers and viewers to enjoy. Props to Evan Brockett on the dope photography. Hopefully Stalley hits the Go soon so we can get it in and bring you, another great exclusive.

YNMD: Where did you get the name Stalley, how did it come about?

Stalley: Stalley is a nickname that developed from playing sports at a younger age, cause they said I was a “Stallion”, so Stalley was a natural shortening of that.

YNMD: I know people always ask about your beard, put please tell all the YNotMyDream viewers the story or meaning behind it?

Stalley: Basically, I’m a Sunni Muslim and this is just a part of that. Muhammad instructed Muslims to grow beards. I also grew the beard to come along in my journey in music, as well to grow with me and be there as my strength.

YNMD: How long have you been doing this rap thing? and why for this amount of time?

Stalley: I’ve been writing songs for about 2 years. I used to write poetry and little thoughts before that, but I never really wrote songs before about 2 years ago.

YNMD: At what age did you fall in love with Hip Hop? and who was the reason behind your love for the music?

Stalley: I begin to fall in love with hip hop in the early 90s when Illmatic came out and Bone Thugs were really doing their thing out in Ohio. That was when hip hop really caught my ear. I guess I can attribute my love for music to my mother and relatives who played a lot of country and soul music when I was growing up.

YNMD: Which one artist in the game did you look up to, an artist or artists who inspired you and your music?

Stalley: Definitely Nas was a big inspiration. I admired how he told stories, was lyrical and put words together. I guess he showed me you could be very poetic with your words and still tell about where you’re from and everyday life.

YNMD: How did the Creative Control hook up come about? and how are the artist relationships inside of it?

Stalley: I was introduced to Creative Control through friends of mine and the artist relationships inside are great, it’s like a family over there.

YNMD: Now that we are on the topic of Creative Control, how does it feel to know that you are working with a man like Dame Dash? and an artist such as Curren$y?

Stalley: It’s a blessing to work with Dame since he has so much knowledge and wisdom to share. He has been through the industry’s ups and downs. For an artist like me, at the early stages of my career, it’s amazing to have someone like that just to talk to and get feedback from. Curren$y is a lot of fun to work with, that’s my brother.

YNMD: What have you taken away from all your experiences in this game up until this point in your life?

Stalley: I see that there’s a lot more to this than just music, but if you keep working hard and sending out good energy, then everything you want can be yours.

YNMD: Where would you like to see yourself in the next year?

Stalley: I would like to be a household name

YNMD: One question I always ask in interviews is, have you ever been to Chicago? and if so how did you like your stay and the city?

Stalley: I have been to Chicago, but was there for basketball and never got to see the city really. I would like to though, hopefully soon.

YNMD: Do you ever plan on coming or coming back?

Stalley: Sure. I would love to do shows out there and see what the city has to offer. Everyone always says good things about it and since I’m from the MidWest, I’m sure I’d feel at home there.

YNMD: Before I let you go I give some of these up and coming young cats a bit of advice.

Stalley: Just be yourself and work hard.

YNMD: Alright fam go ahead and give any shouts if you want.

Stalley: Shoutout to Milq City, Massillon, Ohio, DD172, Creative Control

Thank you sir, your time has been greatly appreciated and I hope to keep hearing nothing but good news from your end. Hope all stays great with you, peace!

Be sure to catch Stalley and his music on Myspace and Bandcamp

Numonics – YNMD Interview

Whats good fam hope all is well. I just want to thank you for taking time out to do this interview. Now lets get it crackin’.

YNMD: How are you sir? how you been?

Numonics: Stupid Busy, lol. My life is about multi-tasking and I keep adding tasks to my list but it’s all good. Better that than idle hands….

YNMD: Is music your 1 love?

Numonics: It’s definitely what I’m most passionate about. I’ve always had a fascination with self expression and music is what connected with me the most. I’ve had interest in pretty much every facet of it. The creation of music, the business side, music journalism, engineering, etc.

YNMD: Tell us what are you working on? (give us all the details about the project)

Numonids: I am releasing a free album with my good friends at IM KING and DJBooth called “Being Cool Doesn’t Pay The Bills”. It’s mixed by Chicago’s DJ RTC of Ruby Hornet and Closed Sessions. 21 tracks of my production.

YNMD: Who are you working with? who are you trying to work with?

Numonics: I was fortunate enough to work with the following on the album: Sene, Co$$, Donny Goines, Lex One, Streets Buchanon, Reks, Shawn Chrystopher, El Prez, J The S, DJulien, BK Cyph, Dre Biggity, TreaZon, ThreatZ, Nero, QuESt, Saheed, Paul Lewis, Shawn Jackson, RAtheMC and Wrekonize.

I would be really happy to work with Diz Gibran and Freddie Gibbs. Diz had one of the best albums of last year and I’m a fan of him as a person and the people he rolls with. Freddie is so incredibly solid as a MC that listening to him has helped me not get so jaded the past few months. Dude made me optimistic about hip hop again ha. Plus I have a lot of respect for everyone involved in that movement. For me, I try to work with solid people that do their own thing beyond just MCing and have good people in their corner.

YNMD: How is the response from the people on some of your latest releases?

Numonics: I’m real happy with it. I’ve been blessed and fortunate enough to be covered by a lot of different outlets. I feel people are truly getting a feel for what I do and my sound. I feel there’s an audience for everyone and I’m happy that I’m developing mine.

YNMD: What about the sites, when and how did you start sending your music to blogs? and how is the love from them?

Numonics: I’ve always felt that the internet was a good place to market music. I’ve also always been that type of guy to do the dirty work and make phone calls, send emails, etc. to get certain shit done. Right around the time I started working with Monsters Ink (did a mixtape last year with Akademiks, Mick Boogie, Terry Urban) I sent out a music video by my friends Mike Beatz and Lex One (Major League, Wizard Sleeve) to OnSmash. They picked up the video and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Then we got a song featured on Nah Right for the project. From there, I developed a list of all the sites that made sense for our music and made sure to get them everything we did for promotional purposes. A lot of websites have supported what I do and what we do and I’m extremely fortunate for it. I’ve got to know some real cool people that are true lovers of music through it as well.

YNMD: Out of all the feedback you get, what is one response you always remember?

Numonics: Unkle Luc’s comment on QuESt “Swear I’m Putting On”. I saw it and was thinking who in the hell would try to flip Uncle Luke’s name. I went to his site and instantly had to try to convince him to do my album art.

YNMD: One question I always ask when i do interviews is, have you been to Chicago? and if so how was your visit? Do you plan on coming back soon?

Numonics: I haven’t been to Chicago but I would love to. I really like Chicago hip hop and the people I know that live there.

YNMD: What do you think of Chicago Hip Hop?

Numonics: Chicago has a true hip hop sound to me. I feel like Chicago almost picked up where New York left off in terms of that sound. It’s evident in the success of Kanye, Common, Lupe, etc.

YNMD: What city would you say has the best Hip Hop scene right now?

Numonics: LA…… So much dope shit coming out of LA today.

YNMD: Who would you say is a producer or artist you really admire?

Numonics: Just Blaze for his consistency. His beats always get me excited and wanting to do something myself.

YNMD: What is some advice you would give to producers and artists on their grind, trying to make it on the sites, and trying to make a name for themselves?

Numonics: Persistance. Everyone has an audience, find yours.

YNMD: Alright fam closing this up, if you want to thank people and give some shout outs go right ahead.

Numonics: Peace to IM KING, DJBooth, RTC and all the artists involved in the project.

Big shouts to Tony/YNot for providing an outlet for people trying to showcase their voice and vision.

YNMD: Thanks again for taking the time to do this quick interview. Hope all stays well with you, peace fam, stay up.

Kil Ripkin – YNMD Interview

Whats good fam hope all is well. I just want to thank you for taking time out to do this interview. So without more hesitation, lets get it crackin’.

YNMD: So lately you have been kinda on the quiet side. Whys so fam? When can we expect to hear from you again?

Kil Ripkin: YNotmyDream, what’s good, I’ve been on the low, reevaluating from coming out of the Coalescence, this led to 2010. This year I’ve been in the cut, recording in Chicago, Atlanta and many other cities. People can expect a whole bunch of music and an album from Kil Ripkin, I’ve been refueling.

YNMD: What exactly do you have cooking up this year?

Kil Ripkin: I have many projects in the oven. This includes a Full length album and two other projects. I’ve been recording a couple other projects too. One is with, The Exceptionalist (out of Chicago), and Raticus (Atlanta). I also have a share of other surprises too.

YNMD: I know the latest thing you released was “Aftermath pt.1″, how was the response on that?

Kil Ripkin: The response has been real. I came with that lyrical fire and threw people off guard on a short sample.

YNMD: When do you plan on releasing part 2?

Kil Ripkin: Aftermath pt. 2 featuring Torae should be out in the next couple weeks.

YNMD: How is the response from the people back at home towards your music?

Kil Ripkin: A lot of love especially in New York, happy to see I’m still at it, most of the team is out in New York so home is always going to show love. I’m hoping to spread some of that out in Chicago too.

YNMD: What about the sites, when and how did you start sending your music to blogs? and how is the love from them?

Kil Ripkin: I just felt it was time to start knocking down the doors and I have been getting a lot of love and I hope it continues. I felt that I needed to take control and start giving the people a taste of real.

YNMD: Who have been some of your best collab? Who do you plan on working with? and who do you want to work with?

Kil Ripkin: The Best collaborations have been with Torae, we have rhymed together for a long time. I’m planning to work with Sean Price and would love to work with Jay Electronica. Also I’m feeling Rashid Hadee out of Chicago; I would love to work with him, Psalm One, or Pugs Atomz.

YNMD: One question I always ask when i do interviews is, have you been to Chicago? and if so how was your visit? Do you plan on coming back soon?

Kil Ripkin: I have been to Chicago, I love Chicago, it reminds me of home, it definitely reminds me of home, I feel the energy out there, and I’m heading back that way in March for some work. Chicago is starting to become like a second home, I just did a radio interview there as well, there is a ton of great hip hop coming from there.

YNMD: What do you think of Chicago Hip Hop?

Kil Ripkin: I love Chicago hip hop there is a lot of dope talent out there, I hope to work with a lot of people. From Rashid Hadee, Psalm one, to Common, I mean I really feel what is going on there.

YNMD: What city would you say has the best Hip Hop scene right now?

Kil Ripkin: I think there is good hip hop all over, Chicago is putting it down, Detroit, NYC, and everyone is putting it down. Everybody is putting in good work.

YNMD: Who would you say is one artist you really admire?

Kil Ripkin: Notorious Big, Rest in Peace. Rakim is a king, Slick is real, a lot of my style comes from these legends.

YNMD: Why do you fuck with YNotMyDream?

Kil Ripkin: Why do not I not fuck with YNotMyDream, its avenue to get my dreams out and you showing love.

YNMD: Alright fam closing this up, if you want to thank people and give some shout outs go right ahead.

Kil Ripkin: What up to YNotMyDream, P Roche and my whole team all over. Be ready for some straight to your face music and some real balancing music, all what Kil Ripkin is about.

YNMD: Thanks again for taking the time to do this quick interview. Hope all stays well with you and hopefully we can link up sometime in the future. Peace fam, stay up

Mike Dreams – YNMD Interview

What’s good fam? Hope all is well on your part I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview.

YNMD: So fill us in with what’s going on with you. What’s new?

Mike Dreams: A lot is poppin’ off man. I’m almost done with what I refer to as my debut album “Dreamer’s Poetry”. I’m hoping to announce an official release date really soon here. I’m aiming for mid to late January. Other than that, I’ve been getting my journalist swag up, doing a weekly column series every Monday Morning for RefinedHype.Com called “A Dreamer’s Perspective”. It basically an opinion piece where I just sort of “go in” and give my perspective about a particular topic that was on my mind that week.

YNMD: Speaking of new, you got any new material coming our way other than your album?

Mike Dreams: Uh, I’m not going to fully confirm anything, but I may have a couple of promo tracks and freestyles and what not more closer to the time the album is about to drop.

YNMD: As far as your past projects go what kind of feedback have you gotten up till this day. I know you dropped your “Counting Sheep” tape in July. What was the feedback with that one?

Mike Dreams: It was pretty well received. I want to say thanks to Counting Sheep for really getting behind me on the promo for that. It was decent. I think it at least opened some doors for me to connect with more people for this upcoming release.

YNMD: What about the final version of Success is. What was the feedback on that joint?

Mike Dreams: There was pretty good reception. I know people had liked the track in the past and the fully mixed and re-recorded version was just the icing on the cake. I think people were really attracted to the sincerity of the song and the different sound compared to what a lot of new young rappers are releasing. I was really humbled by the reception. I read a couple people was wondering why I haven’t received more mainstream acclaim yet, because they felt, simply from that track, that I should. I even saw a blurb about it on Vibe.Com. It was pretty amazing.

YNMD: What artists have you worked with as of far? Who would you like to work with?

Mike Dreams: So far, I haven’t did a lot of collabs with artists. I collaborated with a couple of Twin Cities cats, including Kiddricc and Hypel. As far as a nationwide spectrum, I collaborated on a track with New York emcee K. Sparks on a record called “Life (It’s Like This). I have a “Success Is…” remix on the way featuring one of my favorite new artists, QuESt, from Miami and also a surprise guest. You guys will just have to see who’s the other one of the track when it drops…lol.

I would like to work with a lot of artists in my career. Of course some of those big names like J. Cole or Big Sean are probably out of reach, but that would be mad dope. But I’d say in 2010, I’d say my wish list for collabs would include Add-2, Bullet, Lyriciss and certainly some R&B artists. I need those R&B features y’all! LOL. Auburn, I see you!

YNMD: Who have you worked with as far as blogs go?

Mike Dreams: DJBOOTH.Net, 2DopeBoyz.Com, Illroots.Com, HipHopUpdate.Com and a plethora of other ones.

YNMD: Can your fans/supporters see a Mike Dreams/YNotMyDream collab in the future?

Mike Dreams: I certainly hope so.

YNMD: How did you spend your Birthday? Anything special?

Mike Dreams: I performed at Augsburg College here in Minneapolis, MN for Hip Hop Night and then chilled with some of my friends at Applebee’s. It was nothing too fancy. I don’t drink and I really don’t dig the club scene unless I’m performing, so I just enjoyed chilling with people, eating and kicking it.

YNMD: What can we expect from your upcoming album? is there a concept behind it?

Mike Dreams: Yeah, there’s a loose concept to it. I’m a dreamer and a poet. People tend to forget RAP is poetry. So these songs are basically just the poetry of a dreamer; Dreamer’s Poetry. I mean, there’s more details to it. People will be able to read about that whole idea when I drop the press release and what not. But it’s basically nothing more than simply my poetry, in the form of rap.

YNMD: How does your city treat you fam? Do you get good love from the people?

Mike Dreams: I love Minnesota. My state has mixed feelings. I don’t think hip hop gets enough recognition up here from EVERYBODY. There are people who come out and support shows and I really thank those people, but they are outnumbered by the people who don’t. I vow to change that attitude in my city one day. I think Rhymesayers have done a great job to get Minnesotans excited about hip hop…but the state needs more artists to do the same.

YNMD: Now that I mentioned the word CITY. Do you ever plan on coming out here to the GO!?

Mike Dreams: I really want to be out there man. I feel I could get a lot of love in your city and almost all of my favorite rappers are from the Chi. I hope to come out in 2010 for a show or something. That would be epic.

I’ve been there twice in my lifetime. I need to travel back there for some of that Pizza!

YNMD: Before we wrap this up let me ask you if you could say anything to you fans and supporters what would you say? Let them know where they can reach you and keep up with you.

Mike Dreams: You can check me out at my official website MikeDreamsMusic.Com. Just keep your ears and eyes to the top blogs for new material!

YNMD: Alright Mike if you want to give out any shout outs go right ahead bro.

Mike Dreams: Shout outs to my MUSIC2DREAM2 fam here in Minnesota, Hypel, Seejay Mann (Young Capo) and Christina Fisher. I also send shout outs to some other Minnesota cats really doing it big: Kiddricc, Ronnie B., Mally & Max Haben.