Rob Jay Feat. John Dew: Wise Man

Next week, on October 24th, Rob Jay will release Millionaire Before 30, a new EP, produced by Drums & Ammo’s Ammbush, that serves as both a personal goal and a pledge from the up-and-coming Houston rapper. Before then, though, Rob Jay is excited to release the John Dew-featuring “Wise Man,” a brand new single from the eight-track project.

For Rob, the new single serves as a testament of dedication, delivering what he calls “an old school type of message.” He goes on to explain, “The hook is a saying that my cousins dad always says, and at the same time it was like a message to the fans almost like telling them, ‘I’m still that guy’.” Ammbush’s soulful sample provides an ample perfect foundation for Rob Jay and John Dew to trade their insightful lyrics, and they do just that, with the chemistry between the three artists nearly effortless. “This song really was stress free, out of all the songs it was probably the easiest to record.”

Download: Rob Jay Feat. John Dew – Wise Man

Kris Kasanova: WARPAINT (Album)

Brooklyn emcee, Kris Kasanova returns back to the scene with his sophomore project “WARPAINT”. Laced with diverse, quality production from Ibe & story filled & hunger pained verses from Kris, the 23 year old Brooklynite is set on setting himself apart from others with this project.

Features include Phil Ade, Rocki Evans, Lisa Gray, Jarv Dee, Ibe & more. Released on October 13th, “WARPAINT” is currently approaching 2,000 downloads.

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Delusionists Feat. Super Dertie: Elevator Music

Nice overall vibe, I say good f*ckin sh*t.

This one originally came about around the time Mr Loop & Ben collaborated on Loop’s 2nd album, Music From The Tanhauser Gate. Super Dertie turned in a typically smooth guest verse but we struggled to settle on a version of the track that we were all happy with (democracy eh?). Several re-workings held things up for around a year until some big news within the group prompted one final re-write in September 2011. Slim Pickens and DBF added some background vocals and Elevator Music was finally a wrap.

Download: Delusionists Feat. Super Dertie – Elevator Music

Lyriciss Feat. Ray J: Stop Scheming (Prod. DJ J-Scrilla & Chop-La-Rok)

Lyriciss with a little assistance from Ray J unleashes a new song, “Stop Scheming,” aimed at all the posers of the world. “Stop Scheming” produced by DJ J-Scrilla and Chop-La-Rok will be featured on Lyriciss’s debut album The Balance. Lyriciss has broken his debut album into four pieces Money, Power, Respect and Heart and will release each part as an EP exclusively through The first of four EP’s Respect will be available for download on November 7th.

Download: Lyriciss Feat. Ray J – Stop Scheming (Prod. DJ J-Scrilla & Chop-La-Rok)

Pac Div to Release “The Div” x The Greatness

After years of much anticipation, the Southern California hip hop trio Pac Div are set to release their debut album, “The Div”, on November 8, 2011, through a joint venture with RBC Records. The album is already being touted as a classic, with production from No I.D. (Common, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Drake, Rick Ross and more), Swiff D and the group’s very own, Like, and features from long time friends, Bleu Collar, Asher Roth, Casey Veggies (Sleeping in Class”), Tiron and Skeme. “The Div” is by far one of the best collections of the who’s-who of emerging artists.

Pac Div consists of two brothers, Like and Mibbs, and long
time friend, BeYoung. Formed in 2005, while still in the high school, Pac Div was originally an eleven-member crew that shrank to three when it became apparent that a group of that size just wasn’t feasible. . While most young rappers were under the spell of “microwave” music, these three were doing their hip-hop homework, studying rap’s pioneers, honing their skills and developing their own styles. From their music to shows to videos, and unique approach to creating, the group proves to showcase undeniable talent in everything they do.

Pac Div’s first mixtape, Sealed for Freshness: The Blend Tape, along with their first video, F.A.T Boys, was released in 2006 to much critic acclaim. Focusing on their lives as “regular guys” growing up in Southern California, their music resonated with kids from all walks of life. From hipster to hood, there was something everyone could relate to in their sound. This universal appeal began their success and garnered them the attention of numerous famed magazines, including Billboard, Rolling Stone, Source, Vibe and XXL. It also gained the approval of hip-hop hotshots: Ludacris, ?uestlove, Pharrell Williams, Talib Kweli, and 9th Wonder. Their continued success drew international attention as they opened for big names like Nas, Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Ice-T, Ludacris and N.E.R.D. Following the release of Sealed for Freshness: The Blend Tape, the group dropped two more mixtapes, Church League Champions andDon’t Mention It. Church League Champions featured the now classic, “Mayor”, while Don’t Mention It, contained the fan favorite, “Don’t Forget the Swishers,” featuring rapper Chip tha Ripper. In the Spring of 2011, the trio teamed up with Grand Hustle Management and released their fourth mixtape, Mania!, hosted by DJ Don Cannon, featuring the hit single, “Anti-freeze”. With over a million downloads, Mania! is their most successful project to date.

As 2011 comes to a close, Pac Div is excited to see the debut of their first nationally televised commercial for Phiten Athletics, featuring the group’s performance of their original song, “Flexin’”, as well as appearances by professional NBA stars, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Eric Gordon and Derrick Williams.

Look for the “The Div” at any digital retailer or catch Pac Div on the road as they continue to perform around the world, with tours currently scheduled across the United States, South Africa, and Europe.

Download: Pac Div – The Greatness

Mac Miller: I Love Life, Thank You (Mixtape)

In celebration of obtaining 1,000,000 twitter followers, Mac Miller has decided to release upon the fans a fesh new mixtape entitled “I Love Life, Thank you,” featuring the likes of Bun B, Talib Kweli, Sir Michael Rocks, and The Come Up! Be sure to hit the jump for the official tracklist and download. No go on and enjoy this fresh batch of tracks on what I feel is bound to be a glorious Friday night. “Blue Side Park” COMING SOON!

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Shane Eli: Clear Em Out

Fresh off performing at Atlanta’s A3C festival, L.A. producer/artist Shane Eli officially launches his #FreeBeatFridays series with “Clear Em Out”.

Originally intended for 50 Cent, Shane’s now making “Clear Em Out” available to the people. Rappers, producers, artists, lovers of dope beats, have at it.

Keep it locked as Shane Eli continues his #FreeBeatFridays series. Trunk rattling bangers, baby making slow jams, experimental sampling, there’s no telling what production the man will unleash next.

Download: Shane Eli – Clear Em Out

DJ Rhettmatic Feat. Frank Nitt & MED: Here Come The Live Ones x The Away Team: Terrorist Attack (Prod. Khrysis)

The road to Event/’s 20/20 album has been paved with dopeness from the likes of Phonte, Exile and Gold Chain Military. The next brick in that road is being paved with the premiere of “Live Ones”, by Beat Junkies turntablist/producer DJ Rhettmatic, and Detroit mic rocker Frank Nitt and Cali representer MED. On top of that, North Carolina-based crew The Away Team present “Terrorist Attack”, produced by Khrysis. While this joint didn’t make it onto the duo’s album, fans can hear more where this came from on the crew’s just-released Scars & Stripes LP. In addition, keep it locked for 15 more DJBooth exclusives leading up to the arrival of Event’s 20/20 Music compilation.

Download: DJ Rhettmatic Feat. Frank Nitt & MED – Here Come The Live Ones

Download: The Away Team – Terrorist Attack (Prod. Khrysis)